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Submitted by Alison on Jan 26, 2017 01:32 AM
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Lead Investigator

Mrs. Durham is a driven investigative professional with over 15 years of investigative experience. Mrs. Durham utilizes a psychology degree, human resources skills, and several years of tactical application to set a high standard for the private investigator industry in the Middle Tennessee area. She began her career working to build evidence of marital wrongdoing for divorce processes and in the bond revocation agent arena. In this field she developed cutting edge techniques for resourcing, skip tracing and cross-referencing
information. Her work involved hundreds of back-ground checks, interviews, and internet footprint data collection that had results proven to be highly accurate and applicable to clients and their cases 100% of the time. Mrs. Durham has also worked under several law firms doing case research and uncovering facts and evidence that weren’t apparent to other attorneys and investigators. Her work with ASSET has proven case after case that her experience is unparalleled in the industry. She is experienced in criminal cases, custody cases,
background checks, data forensics and skip tracing.