Organizational Security

  • Active Shooter Plan Development and Training
    Recent events highlight why every organization should be prepared for the best possible reaction to an active shooter situation. We can help by crafting a flexible plan, tailored to your organization. Next, we conduct effective training scenarios, with experienced, approachable and down-to-earth instructors who are passionate about preventing the loss of innocent lives. They actively teach diverse audiences in a wide range of skill sets (for more see our training page/section). Let's discuss what your concerns are, and how we can craft a plan within your budget. More…
  • Business Continuity / Emergency Operations Planning
    This service begins with an assessment to evaluate all the security related risks to your organization, then ranks them by severity and likelihood to help you prioritize, maximizing the use of your critical security budget. We can address all foreseeable risks, or focus toward areas of your concern (even specific people) to reduce costs. A detailed report recommending mitigation measures (with corresponding costs) help you chose your best option. The results are increased safety and resilience to incidents. All this for the most competitive pricing in the market.


  • Protective Services
    Looking to add security to your organization or replace your current security provider? Our officers are friendly and professional (most with military backgrounds), and go through an additional four days of training beyond the state licensing standard. They take pride in handling situations at the lowest level possible, while protecting people and property from today’s evolving threats. Our team is well-rounded and enjoys working a range of jobs to keep them challenged and focused. Formal or casual events (uniformed of suit-and-tie), bars, or vehicle and foot patrol for residential areas, we take pride in our diversity and depth of skills. No matter the job, we are there to add value to your establishment, treat your customers with respect, promote the atmosphere you want them to experience, and skilfully protect the people and property present. When you hire ASSET, you get additional team members that seamlessly integrate into your staff and make your business better. Own multiple locations? We have the ability to scale our approach to take advantage of economies of scale and save you money. Contact us with your questions and we'll put a quote together and explain the details.

Close Protection

Executive Protection

Close protection (or Personal Protection) is often very misunderstood because of how many providers choose to operate in antiquated ways. We take a smarter, more efficient approach that is also more comfortable for the person we’re protecting- and their family. Security we provide is often combined with certain concierge - like services, which help you do your job. We offer comprehensive yet scalable plans. Comprehensive in that they can cover a wide range of situations, from daily routines to travel, protection of your residence, or dining. Scalable because we can adjust manpower and equipment based on your budget and security needs - maximizing the bang for your buck. Highly experienced agents with backgrounds in military and civilian executive protection provide a combination of protection and services that are unmatched in the local market. We thoroughly evaluate the threat, develop plans and execute with extreme precision. Coverage can be provided for individual events as a one-time use, or occasional needs-based services, as well as regular part or full-time coverage. We would love to talk with you about your needs- contact us today!